Friday, June 25, 2010

Taste of the Nation Philadelphia 2010

Once again I had the pleasure of attending this year's Taste of the Nation fundraiser in Philadelphia - a benefit featuring the city's finest restaurants and bars. The director of the event remembered my post from last year and invited me back so first, a BIG thank you to her!

I took the train to Phila. and made my way - via cab - to the Loews Hotel. I entered the lively ballroom stuffed full of people and food. Wasting no time (my grumbling stomach wouldn't have allowed it) I began tasting all the wonderful offerings.

Here is a sampling of just a few of the things I tried:

A dessert of panna cotta with a raspberry and black sesame pearls was served by 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge. The interesting texture of the seasame pearl made this Italian-Asian sweet dish screams eat me!
Then to the River & Glen, 390 Nina Way, Warminster, which specializes in serving wild, natural, organic & sustainable food, served up a special treat - a corn macaroon filled with radish cream butter and trout caviar. The sweetness of the corn and the very suble taste of the caviar was to die for! Never had I tried something quite like this. It was served with a side of pate that I didn't try :(

I had a cute little, one-bite-sized margarita cupcake from Mugshots Coffeeshouse, 21st & Fairmount Ave., Phila. The cake was moist and the icing flavorful... now I regret not trying the other unique flavors like buttered popcorn and cafe mocha!

Square 1682, 121 S. 17th Street, Phila., offered up a melon gazpacho with shrimp and avocado. This was sooo good! Since I'm not a huge tomato fan, the addition of melon really morphed the soup to add a sweet touch.

This is a caprese salad with a scoop of basil ice cream. So incredible! I loved it! Screams summer. The basil ice cream was only slightly sweet. This dish was presented by Valanni, 1229 Spruce Street, Phila.
Next, stuffed in an endive leaf, I had crab, cantelope, cucumber dill, mint, fennel & grapefuit topped with a mango-chive aoli. Another perfectly summer appetizer. So many flavors going on but they all fit perfectly together. This was prepared by Mercato, 1216 Spruce, Street, Phila.

Next was a ricotta-stuffed and fried squash bloom. The batter was very light and the sprinkling of parmesan cheese was great. Squash blooms are always a treat. This was only the second time I've had one and really enjoy the almost exotic feel of eating a blossom. Prepared by Sole Food, Loews Hotel, Phila.

On to a scallop cerviche with corn and asparagus, served with plantain chips. Cerviche has to be done just right for me to enjoy it and this hit the spot. I love the combination of the texture of the scallop and the plantain chip. Courtesy of The South Philadelphia Tap Room, 1509 Mifflin Street, Phila.
This was a wonderful experience. This culinary benefit helps so many people buy raising money for local food banks and community gardens.
Next year the event takes place on June 20, 2011!

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