Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Beautiful Afternoon

Saturday was my bridal shower. It was completely beyond lovely! My bridesmaids, mom and mother in law did a fantastic job of planning a terrific afternoon and I love every minute of it!

An afternoon tea party. Here is a silver tea set that I bought at an auction years ago and my mom put lots of time into polishing it!

The shower was at the Orris House Inn in Mechanicburg, PA. Each table was set with teacups and in each cup was a bundle of homemade sugar cube - some colored and in various heart and flower shapes. There was also a "hope" sign with questions Bec asked to both Adam and I - we were asked the same question and our answers were displayed for everyone to enjoy (What was your first date like? What was it like meeting Adam/Hope's family? What are your favorite qualities of Hope/Adam?).

We had a delicious lunch by C&J Catering. Sandwiches, salad and chilled strawberry soup.

And because I love cupcakes so much, we had pink champagne cupcakes. Notice the cute Alice In Wonderland theme?!..

Bec took the time to glue little hearts on to the tea bags!

We played a few games...

Kristin and Arielle collected kitchen tools that my mom sewed on an apron. Everyone then played a memory game to see if they could remember everything on my apron as I ran through the crowd. There were some tough ones - a jalapeno pepper corer and a banana slicer!

Finally, I received some great gifts including a cookbook called Hope in the Kitchen The Wedding Edition - a compilation of recipes from the ladies at the shower. I love it!

Thank you to everyone for making my day special! And thank you to Bec for these photos!


  1. Congrats to you!
    The party looked beautiful, and I love the dress that you wore!
    This is my first time at your blog - I'm off to wander a bit more. Enjoy all the festivities of the wedding!

  2. Wonderful party.... You and the others are looking gorgeous.

  3. Your shower was BEAUTIFUL! I love it! :)

  4. oh my goodness!!! BEAUTIFUL shower! Love, love, love it all.