Friday, May 14, 2010

Barnacle Billy's in Ogunquit, Maine

Last Thursday Adam and I left for our Maine adventure. It was a wonderful trip! Not only because of the beautiful scenery and seafood but because Adam proposed to me!! We are both very happy and excited for the wedding planning and our future together!!

But before I tell the proposal story, let me go through the meals of our trips, starting with Thursday night (don't worry... he proposed Friday so the next post will be that story!).

Thursday night we went to Barnacle Billy's for dinner. Our table had a beautiful view of Perkins Cove.

Adam, on the hunt to try every local brew available (there are a lot in Maine), had Belfast Bay Lobster Ale.

My wonderful clam chowder... The first of 3 bowls during our trip. This one was the best because it was more soupy and not like a thick pudding. Very good. And the clams were huge!
Adam's dinner: Lobster Saute - lobster chunks sauteed in a mayo and butter sauce
I had the stuffed shrimp - butterflied and stuffed with light, spicy bread crumbs


  1. These seafood dishes looks amazing! And hooray for microbrews! Looking forward to your next story :)