Monday, May 24, 2010

A Special Day in Bar Harbor, Maine

Adam and I arrived in Bar Harbor on Friday, May 7. After we checked in to the adorable Eyebrow Suite at the Castlemaine Inn, we decided to walk around the town. We walked along the Shore Path - a path about a mile long along the water and the edge of front yards of beautiful private homes who have shared their property with the public. There were not many people around - tourist season doesn't start until June - so it was very quiet. The weather was sunny and a bit chilly but we were comfortable and relaxed. I wanted to venture off the path and down onto the rocks right by the water. Below you will see the photo of us taken by the self timer on my camera. Notice the bulging left pocket of Adam's jacket....

After this photo, I run back to the camera, turn around again and he has a small box in his hand. He drops to his knee and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him. I say yes, of course, and he slips this beauty on my finger:
We're overwhelmed with joy and so happy - and are still on the high -we climb back up on the path and arm-in-arm, aimlessly continue along... The best day of my life so far!!!!
After we finished the walk on the Shore Path and contacted our family and friends to tell the news, we found a restaurant for dinner. Adam continued his tradition of drinking the local beers. He enjoyed this one, named after a mountain we will visit the next day.
Our celebratory dinner included clam chowder, lobster, clams, rice, fiddleheads...
... and blueberry pie and a mudslide for dessert! It was a wonderfully fresh, seafoody meal!
The next day week spent the morning trekking through Acadia National Park.

Sand Beach:
Adam atop Cadalliac Mountain. Don't let his bare legs fool you - it was 40 degrees and very windy on the mountain!
And if you're wondering, wedding plans are in the works for Summer 2011!


  1. How adorable, Hope! I am so excited for you! And your ring is STUNNING. He did good! (so many exclamation points... haha)

  2. The ring is even more beautiful in person! Congrats again I'm so glad you two found each other! Happy Planning!!!

  3. Hi Hope, So good to meet you and Adam tonight. I enjoyed reading your engagement story. Nat & I are headed to Acadia this August.

    I'll be stopping by your blog more for some fresh food ideas. Matt