Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Post - Asian Turkey Meatballs

A few years ago I stumbled across a cooking blog called The Culinary Couple. It is written by a very charming couple living right here in Pennsylvania! Together we have chatted online about local places as well as Germany - they too have a big love of the country and food! I even used posts from their past trip to Munich as inspiration for places to visit on our honeymoon.

The Couple has recently welcomed a son to their family so they reached out to me to do a guest post on their blog. I was, of course, excited to contribute!

Go here to check out my Asian Meatball Recipe on The Culinary Couple.

Thank you to Emily and Nick for this opportunity and I hope you're enjoying time with your new addition!

PS - Can't wait to see pictures of the baby in his tiny Lederhosen!


  1. Thanks again for sharing your recipe! We also can't wait to see Sam in his Lederhosen. They should fit just in time for Oktoberfest 2012!

  2. Somehow I missed that you got to do this... how awesome! Congrats!