Monday, July 13, 2009

Perry County Amish Perochial School Auction

On Saturday, Rebecca and I enjoyed one of my favorite summer activities - going to auctions. I've been to 3 estate auctions in the past few months and got some really great things - chairs, tables, glassware, silver serving pieces, jewelry, etc., but the annual Amish auction is a special treat. With 4 auctions going on at once, it's hard to stay focused on one auction at a time. After we got some homemade donuts and mint tea, we looked at the 30-plus handmade quilts, which are the biggest items of the auction. I truly appreciate the fine workmanship of the quilts but they are simply not my taste. Every year I'm tempted to get one but I don't love them enough to drop $400 on one! Then again, as I continued to remind myself as my biding card flew up in the air for glassware, the proceeds benefit the Amish school!

Here are the fresh donut bites that are made right before your eyes!

Even though it was a super hot day, I needed to try the chicken corn soup. It was worth the burn!

One of my favorite aspects of all the food at the auction is the pony-churned ice cream. Here you see the pony as he is walking in circles, churing the ice cream in a wooden barrel.

Here are bowls of shoe fly pie waiting to be topped with the fresh ice cream.

I had never had elderberry pie before so I bought one. I was super excited to try it because it looked delicious and I knew the Amish ladies would have made it the best it can be.

I get home, slice a piece, take it out by the pool, ready to work on my tan, and I dig in... Eww... Elderberry is just not for me. Bitter and ever-so-slightly sweet with tons of large seeds... not a fan. I hope someone else in my house enjoys the rest!

Stay tuned... at the auction I bought a popcorn popper for the campfire and I'm testing it out at Bec's house tonight!


  1. The photo of the pie is just gorgeous... I love it. Too bad it didn't taste as good as it looked!

    Can't wait to try out the popcorn popper! :)

  2. Can you give me the addres where this amish parochial auction will be held in Perry County, I heard it was in Loysville, PA Time????? Street??? DAte????? Thank you