Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Party Series - Wrap Up!

Well it's been three weeks since Arielle's graduation party and I think I've finally recovered! I just wanted to post a few more photos Bec took and document some of the little things we (my parents and I) did to make the day special.
Here is the beautiful girl of the day! I bought her a cake from Wegmans: white cake with vanilla buttercream icing stuffed with fresh strawberries. It says Congratulations Arielle! Good luck at Franklin & Marshall. Like I've said before, I highly recommend the cakes from Wegmans!
This was a little area where we put out a few photos of Arielle for guests to look at. I also got a large mat for a photo of Arielle and gold pens for all her friends and family to sign and write their well-wishes to her.

My mom and I had these cute napkins printed from the Freckled Frog in Harrisburg.

These are a special treat I was so excited about - personalized fortune cookies! Arielle chose strawberry flavored cookies and we came up with 5 inspirational quotes to put on the fortunes, along with Congrats, Arielle! Fancy Fortune Cookies is a great company to work with - they were delivered promptly and super fresh! Our little cousins really enjoyed opening the little individually wrapped cookies and collecting the fortunes!

This is an idea from Martha Stewart. I collected mismatched glass containers to use as votives and wrapped some ivy from our garden around the top. The ivy leaves were so large and far apart on the vine, so they didn't have the effect I wanted. Next time I will have to buy some fully greenery.
I had a great vision for the buffet centerpiece: A huge vase with a smaller vase inside and sandwiched between the two, limes and lemons with a ton of flowers in the smaller vase. Well it didn't work out that way because my 'huge' vase was just not huge enough. I had to put a few apples on the bottom of the big vase, but the flowers in and then put the limes and lemons around the stems and then fill the entire thing with water. It looked a little less neat than I envisioned but I still think it was a success!
And of course I had to include a photo of my new baby cousin, Katherine. She was the cutest aspect of the party! Here her dad holds her on her 22nd day of life!

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  1. This party was super fun and very well put together. You didn't overlook even one little detail - all your guests were impressed. Especially ME!