Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adam's Birthday Dinner at Devon in Hershey

Last week for Adam's birthday dinner, I wanted to take him somewhere to get his favorite treat: lobster. I've heard good things about Devon at the Hershey Press Building, right next door to Houlihan's, and decided it sounded like a good choice for seafood lovers (us!).

To start, we ordered Point Judith fried calamari, carrots and jalapeno peppers. You are a bit deceived by how much calamari is actually on the plate because of the breaded carrot matchsticks. But still, it was very good with the sweet and sour sauce & the spicy mayo dipping sauce. Oh and after some research, I found out that Point Judith is a small cape in Rhode Island.
For the main course: Adam's live Maine lobster, mashed potatoes and asparagus. Adam commented that it was one of the best lobsters he's ever had!
We enjoyed a bottle of Hogue "Genesis" merlot as well.

Here you'll see I had some grilled Atlantic salmon, green beans and risotto. There were several Canadian and Hawaiian fish on the menu.

All in all, our meal was very enjoyable. The service, on the other hand, needed some work. We felt like our waitress was hurrying us - she tried to take our plates away before we were done and brought our check way too early. Also, when I called to make reservations, I ordered a slice of chocolate cake and asked if they could put a candle in it and bring it out as a surprise for Adam. The woman taking the reservation said that it would be no problem. However, after our main course, the waitress brought over the dessert tray so I knew my special request slide through the cracks. A more upscale restaurant like Devon should have easily been able to accomodate my request. Oh well!
Adam didn't have a candle in his cake but I did sing to him, and coincidently, he chose the same cake from the dessert menu that I originally thought he'd enjoy - a chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse, then chocolate ganache. Delicious!
And I must comment that the bar is beautiful so I'd recommend a visit just for a drink. I even made the comment to Adam that if we would go back, we'd even eat our meal at the bar.
Overall, we had a very nice time and tasty dinner at Devon. Oh and don't forget to go to their website and sign up for their emails - you get an initial $10 coupon and $25 for your birthday. There is also a Devon in Philadelphia, as well as other cities across the country.

Happy 26th Birthday, Adam! I wish you all the happiness possible... this year and always! ;)

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  1. Sounds like fun! You're a great girlfriend! :)

    Happy Birthday, Adam!