Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tea forté

I love tea. Hot, cold, extra sweet, white, red, herbal. I enjoy it all! Since I've been working and have access to hot water (after posting this, Natalie pointed out that it sounds like I don't have access to hot water in my home. Rest assured, I do, but because I have the convenience of a hot water dispenser at the office, it's easy to make tea!), I drink tea all day long. When holidays come around, I've asked for tea from my siblings and they've done a great job at surprising me with many different kinds from all over the world. Just this month for my birthday, my sister got me two Tea forté products. I opened one box today. The Autumn Collection has some unique flavor combos in silken pyramid sachets. Right now, I am drinking the White Ambrosia - white tea melded with vanilla and slices of coconut - a very mild and slightly sweet tea. Tomorrow I look forward to trying the Apple Pomegranate herbal tea and the Orchid Vanilla black tea. I also like the teabag string, which is bendy and stays nicely over the side of your cup (see the green leaf on the end of the string below).

Arielle also got me the Tea forté Cocktail Mixology set. I can't wait to try some of the tea cocktails - I am especially looking forward to the Lavendar Vodka Martini! I'll be sure to post a comment when I finally make it!

Arielle bought these at a kitchen shop in Lancaster, PA called Apron Strings. Adam and I are taking her back to school (she just started her first year at Franklin & Marshall College and will be home this weekend) on Sunday and we'll see downtown Lancaster. I believe this shop is closed Sundays but I'm sure we'll get down to visit her again soon.

I've also seen Tea forté products at TJ Maxx. You just have to look at the "Best Before" date on the bottom of the box. These teas are typically good for two years after they're produced.

While Tea forté produces gourmet teas and not something I'd buy to drink everyday, they make great gifts! I loved it!

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  1. Those combinations sound yummy! If you're drinking so much tea, it's also a good thing you have access to a bathroom all day long!