Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My favorite teas (right now anyway!)

I save tea time for my work days. While sitting in front of a computer hours at time, I usually have a hot cup of tea (sometimes coffee) by my side. For me, like many, tea has a very calming and comforting effect for the mind and stomach, not to mention tons of antioxident and other healthful benefits. These are the 5 teas that I am currently enjoying (hot, but iced would be good too):
  • Lavendar Sencha Green Tea from Japan (from the loose tea bins at Wegmans)
  • Mint Chai (also loose tea from Wegmans.. I am currently out so I don't know the exact name)
  • Tazo Om
  • The Republic of Tea get gorgeous - herb tea for clear skin
  • Rishi Tea Organic Peppermint Rooibos

The Lavendar Green Tea is very mild. I do not like green tea by itself but the lavendar blooms make it a little more sweet and less harsh and grassy than plain green tea.

I am into anything mint right now (except Edy's Peppermint Ice Cream... made me ill 3 times). The mint chai is sweet and would be good with some cream and sugar like a true chai. I only have mine with Splenda (what I add to all these teas).

Tazo Om is unique in that it can be compared to cucumber melon. I do not like this scent in body products but it tastes good in tea! The cucumber makes the peach - not melon - less sweet. This is also a combo of black and green tea. I don't care for either alone, but the mix is mild.

The get gorgeous is very sweet and fruity. You can definitely taste hibiscus and berry. It is recommended to drink 3-4 cups a day for the roobis and antioxident to really make a different in your complexion. This tea is a little too sweet to drink that often. I find myself drinking it only a few times a week.

The peppermint roobis has a great peppermint flavor that isn't too overpowering. Roobis is also known as South African red tea and contains many daily vitamins and serves as a sleep aid.

I don't get too technical with the temperature of the water and the brewing times. All of these teas I brew for about 5 minutes and it tastes fine.

For the loose teas, I prefer to use paper tea filters, but when I run out I use a tea stick or basket, which can get messy.

All of these teas were gifts from my siblings. I had no part in picking them out - except for my request for something peppermint - it turns out, I find them all tasty!
One more thing: Greg gave me a coupon for a free Tazo Tea Latte at Starbucks. I tried the nonfat London Fog latte. London Fog is a black tea with bergamot and lavendar so I thought with the steamed milk and the vanilla syrup, it would be sweet enough for me. But by the time I got to my office, it was very strong (they leave the tea bag in the cup), so I add Splenda. To get the same taste, I would imagine you could just add milk and Splenda to a steeped cup of London Fog - and it would be 50% cheaper. However, I really enjoyed this tea latte and I would try it again. They also do vanilla roobis, green and the classic chai.


  1. I clicked on your blog because I like its name so much.

    Since living In Italy I have neglected tea in favour of far too much coffee - which I love but does tend to encourage my already slightly manic energy ups and downs.
    Good lick with your blog, Lick !!, I think I mean luck, but I am sure you will lick as well considering all the cooking.
    I am off to make myself a cup of tea.

  2. I just got a beautiful new mug from Jesse for Christmas that was made specifically for tea. I got it because it has a handy little lid that fits right over the top (perfect for keeping my students from dropping visine in my drink while I am not looking!) only to find that it has a little tea brewing mechanism built in. I guess I will just have to test it out with your suggestions. I might start with Get Gorgeous. I could use some of that during these winter blahs!!

    Thanks for another great post!

  3. Hey Hope,

    Thanks for the tea suggestions! I'm not a huge mint fan and I haven't developed a taste for rooibos at all, but I'll definitely but the lavendar sencha on my "to try" list. Right now I'm enjoying some Stash Chai with plenty of honey and soy milk!