Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bill's Big Burgers

This picture is a bad angle because it makes the burger look mini - it wasn't! But the fries were huge.

Today Natalie and I went to the new burger place in Strawberry Square, downtown Harrisburg. Bill's Big Burgers has a very diverse menu of cheesesteaks, pork bbq, tuna melts, hot dogs, chicken burgers, veggie burgers; but I went there for one reason and it was for a beef burger and fries! I ordered the bacon cheeseburger and an order of fries. After tax my total was $6.66 which seemed humorous and after my eyes got wide and I looked at Natalie behind me, the woman taking my order says that number has been coming up a lot. Off the bat that made some jokes about how good our lunch was going to be and if we'd survive into the afternoon. So when my number was called, I went back to the counter and told them what I wanted on my burger - they had lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, bbq sauce, hot peppers, raw onions, maybe more. I got lettuce, tomato, ketchup and pickles.

The burger was good - not Dig's or Five Guys or Jackson House - but it was enjoyable. The bun was soft and the bacon was of good crispiness. The 1/3 lb. burger was cooked well but still juicy.

Since they were busy, they got Natalie's burger mixed up with someone else's so she totally did not get what she wanted. And her burger had a pink center. We don't know if the other customer ordered it that way or if it was accidently undercooked. They didn't ask us how we like our burger cooked so we assumed they cook everything well. After she scrapped the onions off, she was able to eat and enjoy.

The fries were a disaster. They looked good: big and well done. However the deep fryer must have been on too high because the outside was very dark but the inside was not cooked thoroughly. And they were soggy - not crispy at all. I added salt but could still only eat a few. We weren't even given ketchup packets.

We were offered a free dessert of either a cookie or a brownie, neither of which were good but we really appreciated the gesture!

Bill's burger wasn't the best but it was the best quick burger you can get in Strawberry Square and the surrounding blocks. They were busy today which was probably due to everyone wanting to try them out. I think they could do well if they would just improve their fries!


  1. I hate soggy fries!!

    A new blog for you to peruse...

  2. That's over on my blog list, girl! lol! I really like it though so thank you!

  3. Great review! I hear you on the fries...I like them crispy too. Check out our PA Tourism blog under the food and dining section:

  4. Well I'll be darned!! You're just too quick... :)

    I do like it though (but not as much as yours!) Her pictures are really good and you know that I like me some good pictures!!

    Can't wait to see what your whipped up this weekend!