Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stone Mountain Wine Cellars

A few weekend ago, Adam, his mom and I drove to the Stone Mountain Wine Cellars in Pine Grove. We picked out three bottles of wine - Reisling, Merlot and Strawberry. We had the strawberry wine right after we bought it and to be honest it wasn't my favorite. It was too sweet and almost had a mediciney tinge to it. But over this past weekend we drank the Merlot. It was wonderful! Not too dry and not too sweet - a great wine by itself, with a meal or with dessert. Since I'm a big fan of Reislings, I'm looking forward to Stone Mountain's creation.

The shop is also full of seasonal produce and wonderful recipe cards - not to mention free samples (I tried a delicious miniature pear)!

I know for sure I want to go back here to sample a few more of their wines!

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