Monday, March 16, 2009


On Saturday night, friends of ours invited us out to Bangkok Wok, one of my favorite place to eat. I began eating Thai food in Roanoke where I fell in love with Thai curries.
Pictured above are a few dishes we enjoyed that night, clockwise from top left: Tom Yum Talay soup, Chicken Pad Thai, Peanut Curry, [I forget], and Pad Woon Sen. I am sad to say I forget the name of the one dish. I have never had a bad dish here, but this dish smelled like a diaper pail! The diner, Pat, said it tasted ok, but the smell was a little much. Let me do some more asking about the dish's name so you can steer clear of it if you go here. Everyone else loved their meal!

I had Masaman Chicken Curry and the most delicious papaya salad, as per Kalin's recommendation. The slightly spicy dressing mixed with the papaya, shredded cabbage, tomatoes and peanuts... this was heaven!
Tom Yum is one of my all time favorite soups - the mushrooms, lemongrass, lime, shrimp in a sweet and sour broth... there are so many flavors playing at once and they all taste so good together. Greg got the large tom yum talay, containing various sea creatures, for his dinner.

Kalin and Luke tried the coconut ice cream for dessert, served up in a coconut half. I had a bite and it was creamy and fresh.

Just to fullfil our nagging sweet tooth, Julie and I shared a slice of carrot cake and Pat enjoyed chocolate cake.

And we were lucky enough to get our reservation in front of the fish tank - so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Remember - it's BYOB so go prepared!

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  1. I think it was Kang Kai Curry. I love Bangkok Wok.