Monday, March 2, 2009

My Weekend with Susi

On Saturday I went to visit my friend Susi and her husband Jeff in Kensington, MD (a few miles from D.C.). I haven't seen Susi since her birthday in September so I was so excited to see her since she is working on her 6th month of pregnancy. She now has a perfectly round belly and lots of preparing to do for her little arrival, but other than that, I'm happy to report she's the same Susi that I miss so much. We had a great weekend of catching up, shopping for baby things, and most importantly, eating!
I brought Susi some gifts - outfits for the baby girl and a necklace for her.

After a day of shopping, Jeff went off to the gym and Susi and I enjoyed ice cream sundaes - mint chocolate chip, coconut pineapple, and chocolate ice creams, sliced banana, sliced pear and hot fudge. This was quite a melange of tastes but it hit the spot (I really love the coconut pineapple by Edy's)!

I also made apple crisp, one of Susi's favorites that I used to make for her while we were at Hollins. I failed to take pictures, but I will be making it again soon and I will post the recipe then.

That night for dinner we had pizza - we bought the the par-baked tomato and mozzarelle pizza at Whole Foods, and added ham and pineapple. And to wash it down, some sparkling apple cider.

Susi, Jeff and Alex (she will be named Alexandra)

After dinner, we ventured out to Savannah's, a bar near their house. We enjoyed the karaoke, the entertaining town-folk and a few drinks before we were ready to head back home. Once we got back, Jeff poured shots of Blutwurzlikor, liquor made from the wurz root. This liquor is from Susi's hometown, Eschlkam, and when she's home or when her parents come to visit, they make sure to stock up their freezer (there is a kirch from her hometown that I love even more). At 45% alcohol, it was a nice send-off to bed! The color and taste is very similar to Jager. It's for medicinal purposes, so they say... as Jeff said, the Germans will come up with an reason to have some yummy liquor! And at 45% alcohol, it was a nice send-off to bed!

Susi and Jeff will be having a wedding and christening in Germany in January, so I am anxiously awaiting that trip, which I'm sure will provide me with great blog fodder.


  1. That looks like loads of fun! Susi looks great - pregnancy really suits her!

    And it sounds like you two ate like queens this weekend! :)

  2. have a great blog! I enjoyed reading about your trip to see Susi. We are expecting our first grandbaby in May (a baby girl) so it was nice seeing the pics you posted.