Friday, February 27, 2009

Special Treats from the new 3rd St. Deli

So Peg and Mark left the office for lunch. A few moments later, Mary calls me to say Peg called and said there is free food at the new 3rd Street Deli (where Dig's Burgers used to be for those of you familiar with downtown Harrisburg). Skeptical, Natalie and I wandered over. There were people inside and we were reading the menu outside. We were confused because there were no signs about free food or that they were even opened. Peg saw us looking in the window and came out to get us. We entered, and to our surprise we were greeted by very friendly servers/owners and were told they were having an open house and that we can help ourselves to a huge buffet of sandwiches. After a server brought us our soda, we dug into some lovely sandwiches - I had corned beef on rye, Natalie had pulled pork on a Kaiser, Mark had chicken liver sandwich and Peg had about 3 various sandwiches on her plate. The sandwiches were very basic but the ingredients were fresh and tasty. The coleslaw was especially good. Then for the grand finale - homemade desserts. Our table had 2 pieces of cheesecake, 1 piece of Oreo cake and 1 piece of peanut butter cake. I hardly give justice to these cakes through description. The slices of cake were HUGE, filled with moist cake, light mouse fillings and decorated with cookies. Delicious!

A slice of the Oreo cake - I couldn't get a picture before we dug into it! It was the best!!!

The restaurant is to be opened for business next Monday or Tuesday. They have an 'afternoon break' special: from 2:00-3:30, with a purchase of a slice of cake you receive a complimentary coffee or soda.

The cafe also serves breakfast - everything from omelets, pancakes and french toast. During the week, they are opened until 3:30. This is rare for a downtown eatery who depends on weekday luncers, but this cafe is opened for breakfast and lunch on Saturdays.

The servers and owners seem so sweet. I thank them graciously for the lunch and I look forward to eating there again soon (they're a hop, skip and a jump away from the office) so I'll post some pictures of other cakes and sandwiches later.

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