Monday, February 9, 2009

UCP Magic Night 2009

Saturday night was the Harrisburg-area United Cerebral Palsay Magic Night Event. The silent auction followed by a live auction, dinner and dancing was held at the Harrisburg Hilton. The Winter Group was a sponsor of the event. Mark bought a table and invited all of us in the office + a date. After an hour of mingling and bidding on auction items, we moved into the dining room to listen to introductions, thank yous and a video of UCP's services.The theme for the evening was Turning Green with Envy - glamorizing the importance of environmental protection.

The dinner tables had a textured black table cloth and the napkins were a bright, lime green.

The tables were set for 12 and below is a photo of the huge centerpiece. The bamboo 'cage' is around a cylindrical vase of water in which white tulips - from the bloom to the bulb - are floating. I loved to see the entire plant - it showcases nature more than cut flowers or a potted plant. Marc Vickery of Blooms by Vickery of Camp Hill designed the centerpieces.

Photo courtesy of Angie

Hope, Lou and The Chatterband in the background!

Once the live auction begins, along came our salad. Beautiful baby spinach leaves, goat cheese, candied walnuts, shaved ham and a berry (we're thinking raspberry) vinaigrette.

The main course of a tender beef filet, 3 grilled shrimp, mashed potatoes and freshly steamed green beans.

Dessert was presented very well. It looks like a creamy square of cheesecake. Well, it was deceiving because the taste was not good at all (our entire table agreed). It was bland, not sweet and the creme de menthe topping didn't help. The few berries and whipped cream were good though. I do give the kitchen crew credit for the green touch to add to the theme of the evening.The food was catered by the Hilton and besides the dessert, dinner was great. It's usually hit or miss with hotel food, but this meal was impressive.

It seemed to me that everyone at the event had a great time. Congratulations to a job well done by the Magic Night Committee! UCP provides assistance to those with disabilities of all kinds across the state. UCP provides therapeutic and developmental services and programs to children and adults.

Oh and the only thing Greg and I managed to win at the auction was a carpet cleaning for his house (we're practical like that... ha!).

Hope & Greg

Photo courtesy of Angie

The Winter Group women: Peg, Angie, Natalie, Mary & Hope

Photo by Jackie

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  1. You look gorgeous (as usual!) and the night sounds like a lot of fun!! I'm jealous!