Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fractured Prune in Hershey

Sorry I haven't posted in few days. Every day I don't write, please know I am thinking about something interesting to share. This past week I have been really busy and eating on the go so I didn't have time to cook or bake (many people's source of unhealthy eating). Then this weekend we ate out a lot. But tonight, I have a great chicken-spinach-goat cheese recipe I am trying.

Strolling inside for some donuts!

Yesterday, after Greg and I went to choose a vanity for his bathroom, we decided to plurge (dietarily) and visit The Fractured Prune Donut Shoppe in Hershey. The Fractured Prune ( is famous for it's extremely fresh, made to order donuts, topped with as many glazes and sugary toppings you could ever want. When you first approach the counter, you're asked how many donuts you'll be having. Greg and I originally planned to get 2 each but then when it was just a few cents more to get 6, we caved (1/2 dozen for $5.25). We ordered six and the woman waiting on us, turned around, went to the donut making device (Donut Robot) and 'poured' 6 donut doughs into the fryer (can't get fresher than this!). We then told her the toppings we wanted: two Sands (the classic glazed with cinnamon and sugar), one strawberry shortcake (strawberry glaze with graham cracker crumbs and powdered sugar), one french toast (maple glaze with cinnamon and sugar), one Beach (Sand with mini chocolate chips) and one Carnival (glazed, topped with Valentine's Day sprinkles). After we paid and found our seats, minutes later our order was called and we got a box of steaming hot donuts. As we opened the box, picked the first one we wanted to try, and bit into the donut, our sugar high began!

The Donut Robot creating the perfect donut while you wait (photo from FP website)

Dipping the hot donuts in glaze and then dipping into the toppings - our servers worse gloves, if that's a concern of yours! (photo from FP website)

The donuts were very warm and the toppings nicely melted together, making the French Toast taste exactly like maple syrup covered French Toast and the strawberry shortcake tasting fresh, sweet and tangy. The donut menu has the classic creations, seasonal specials and whatever combinations you'd like.
After moments of thought, we each eat three (probably equalizing our entire caloric count for the day), but it was a Saturday AND Valentine's Day AND we had just made big decisions on Greg's bathroom project.

We had a lot of cinnamon today... no wait, make that SINnamon!

The Fractured Prune was an extreme delight and I recommend trying their donut creations for a special treat. I'm glad this place is not closer to where I live or I'd be in big trouble! Nevertheless, I can't wait to go back and try some other donut concoctions.

There were no survivors.

If you're wondering about where the name Fractured Prune came from: A man bought property in Maryland and after doing some research on the area, he read about a previous owner, Ms. Prunella Shriek. She was a local legend, known for her fierce and competitive participation in sporting events. Most days after a rough game, she'd be injured and have to go home in a wheel chair or with cruthes. While searching for a name for his new business and amused by Ms. Shriek, he honored her by naming his shoppe The Fractured Prune. Later, franchises of the store started opening up in several locations.


  1. There's been a fresh donut shop in Hershey for how long and I was not informed?!

  2. I love this post about how your "sugar high began"! Very cute!!

    I am so glad I don't make it to Hershey very often because this sounds like a place Jesse and I would definitely frequent!!