Monday, February 9, 2009

Curry in a Hurry

Last Friday I needed a few produce items at the Broad Street Market so I decided to grab some lunch while I was there. I am a huge fan of Indian food - I haven't experimented in making any myself, but I am going to try very soon. At the Market, there is the Curry in a Hurry vendor, an extension of Passage to India here in Harrisburg ( I once bought a mango lassi from Curry in a Hurry, but never lunch so I thought it was about time. I ordered one of their specials - Tandoori Lamb Wrap.

In addition to the very well seasoned, tender pieces of lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a special spread, made this wrap flavorful and unique. I am not sure what was in the spread... if I would guess, I would say hummus and basil. However I also got a mild mustard taste in the mix. Mustard seems out of place here. I'm not a mustard fan, so the hint of such a flavor was not pleasing to me. I could definitely smell the basil, which was freshing. The naan-like wrap was tasty and supple.

This wrap put me in the mood for an Indian dinner. I got hooked on Indian food in Roanoke at Nawab ( I am planning a trip to Roanoke in March so hopefully, I can visit.

I have a Tandoori Chicken recipe from Cooks Illustrated that I wll be trying soon.

A photo of my lamb wrap.

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  1. I love the name Curry in a Hurry and your wrap looks amazing! You'll have to tell Jesse when you're trying your Indian recipes because he just LOVES curry. He's made his own a few times and it was delicious, so I know yours will be great too! :)