Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smokin' Meat with J

On Monday, after Bec and I were exhausted from our photo shoot, Jesse served up some mean smoked pork butt. He spent quite a long time setting up the smoker, heating it with his fancy wook chips and preparing the pork with a rub of sugar and spices. The smoking of the meat took a few hours.
I have had smoked foods at restaurants and my mom has smoked salmon on cedar boards in the grill, but this was the first time I've seen a smoker and learned about the process. Some people really enjoy the smoked taste and some don't. I know for sure that I do and I can't wait to try more from Jesse's smoker.
For all the details on the process, check out his smoking blog!

The Smokin' Chef enjoying his creation.

Two slices of the pork served with rice and broccoli.


  1. Hey! I know that guy!!
    That was a good pork butt, I have to agree!!

  2. Hi Hope!!! So good to see you're eating butt! I can't wait for us to have this amazing blog relationship where we comment on each other's posts. I have actually been cooking since this summer, so your website will be quite helpful for me!