Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New take on "tea"

I get sooo many magazines every month. Fashion and cooking are my favorite - so much I want to buy and cook out there. Sometimes I never get to take the time I want to really read every magazine. And I never get to try all the recipes I find.
It's been quite sometime since I've read one of Martha's Living magazines. Over the weekend I looked through the March edition and found many things I want to make. She featured ideas on how to make "tea" with your French press. I put tea in quotes because it is what we refer to as tea but not tea because the tea plant is not being used.
I bought this beautiful little French press in Paris when I was there studying in 2006. I don't use it much but I want to start - soon I'm heading to One Good Woman to get some coarse ground beans.
Anyway, Martha suggested some ways to make 'tea'. I made the thyme, apple and ginger brew. I sliced one apple, 5 pieces of fresh ginger and rinsed a handful of thyme sprigs; put it all in the bottom of the French press and poured boiling water on top. I let it steep for 10 minutes, pushed down the press and poured myself a cup. The 'tea' is nearly clear but I could distintly taste all 3 of the flavors. A great way to use up the fresh thyme (leftover from a fish dish). I didn't even need sweetener and I'm a big Splenda fan.
I'm definitely going to try this 'tea' method with mint leaves this summer.

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  1. Is this how the Amish make it at the auction?!