Sunday, March 21, 2010

NYC Weekend

This weekend my family took a trip to New York City. My dad, mom, brother, sister, Adam and I headed up to the Big Apple on Friday morning for some good eats, sightseeing, shopping and a Broadway show.

What a beautiful weekend! Here, Adam and me in Central Park on Saturday:

Friday when we arrived in the city and got situated in our hotel, we headed towards Times Square. On our way, we stopped at Maxie's (7th Ave & 48th St) for lunch. Adam and I shared this beauty:
Corned beef on knish!

My parents shared the same thing on rye while my bro and sis had a buffalo chicken sandwich. We ended the meal by sharing a large slice of chocolate cheesecake.
While I was able to take good pix at Maxies, I failed to do so at the other eating establishments we visited :(
Friday night myself, Arielle and Salt (Adam Swenson) 'n' Peppa (Adam Pankake) visited a great little Irish bar on 2nd Ave between 51sr & 52nd Street called the Pig & Whistle. We enjoyed a pizza margarita, a pulled pork sanwich, a catfish wrap and a bowl of chicken rice soup - washing it all down with drink specials, beers and hard cider (poor Ari had water). There is also a Pig & Whistle on 47th St in the Theatre District.
On Saturday for lunch, we ate at Mickey Mantle's restaurant - one of my Dad's favorite places to eat. There is unique sports memorabilia all over the restaurant! We ate a lot here - wings, steak sandwich, cobb salad, calamari, onion rings and peppery chicken over vegetables.
For a late night dinner (midnight!) on Saturday after we saw Rock of Ages (a HOOT!) we visited Pecatore on 2nd Ave right beside Pig & Whistle. The salmon, seafood salad, crab cakes and penne a la vodka were all great!
From the entire weekend I can honestly say everything I ate in the city was delicious! I can't wait to go back for another visit!

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  1. I LOVE the picture of you and Adam. You look great, my friend! What a beautiful couple you make!