Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wegman's Pizza Dough

When I was at Wegman's a few weeks ago I bought their in-house pizza dough. I put it in the freezer when I got home to use for a quick meal for a work night.

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So on Monday morning I put the frozen dough on the counter and when we got home 10 hours later, the dough was thawed and had risen immensely!

I took it out of the packaging and attempted to stretch it out onto an oiled baking sheet. I did not have luck. It was very elastic and would not keep it's shape. Therefore we ended up with a very thick pizza! But the crust was quite delicious. I would buy it again if only I knew how to make it into thin crust. A couple people reviewed the dough on the Wegman's site and said it was enough dough to make 2 pizza's but I just don't know how I'd manage that. Maybe I should leave the pizza making to the professionals!

Anyway, we enjoyed our deep-dish style pizza. I picked up a jar of pizza sauce and some shredded mozzarella cheese, sauteed some portobello mushroom slices in olive oil for a few minutes and then put them on the pizza along with hand-cut slices of mini pepperoni. The mushrooms look a little like sardines too!
The dough packaging has baking instructions.

We certainly got our carbs that day!

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  1. I used this same dough, but made it deep-dish on purpose, I managed to get it to fill a pan similar to yours and I even rolled some cheese into the edge of the crust, mine came out with a crisp bottom.

    I think the people who use it for 2 pizzas make 2 medium newyork style thin pizzas

    advice; wax paper and a rolling pin will allow you to stretch it out a good distance.

    baking; lay out your rolled out dough on the pan and form your crust, bake for 10-20 minutes with no toppings or sauce, then put sauce and toppings on and continue to bake it until the cheese starts to bubble in the middle.

    Advice From; Chef Cliff