Monday, September 28, 2009

My French Birthday

So my very generous, kind, handsome and funny friends and boyfriend planned a surprise birthday evening for me last Friday! My birthday isn't until this Friday and since Adam and I will be in Cancun, Rebecca and Jesse wanted to do something for my birthday beforehand. With Adam and Bec's successful secretiveness, they were able to pull off an amazing evening for me.

To begin, I was out to lunch on Friday and got a text from Adam that said 'Meet me at the fountain behind the capitol at 5:30. No questions.' I thought, interesting, but whatever, I'll go with it. Then I get back to my office and find an email invitation from Bec that says my 'presence is requested for a high society soiree to celebrate the birthday of Mademoiselle Hope'. So I continue to sit at work as the afternoon drags on, wondering what's in store for me that evening.

I change into the 'requested' dress and start my walk to the capitol. As I round the back of the capitol, who do I see but Adam holding a mini Arc de Triomphe, Bec holding a 'Bon Anniversaire Hope' sign and Jesse waving a mini French flag! The three of them planned a French-themed evening for me!

Here you will see they brought along a baguette, brie, grapes and a delicious sparkling soda. With the help of Bec's French-teaching friend, we had some lovely little decorations!

Grapes floating in the soda.

Here we are at our little table outside the capitol enjoying our French snack. After the snack, we took some photos around the capitol (if you don't know already, Bec and I love to take pictures!).


Me and Adam training for our their next career: modeling.

Jesse took this clever shot of Rebecca and I.

After dinner, we popped into Carley's for a quick drink and then I was swept away to Confit in Camp Hill for dinner. If you recall, Josh and I went here a few weeks ago for moules et frites and had a delicious meal. I was very happy to go back!

Bec and Jesse made us little French moustaches to wear at dinner. Oh yeah, we got lots of stares but it was fun and makes cute photos, huh?!? Nice moustache cutting skills, Jesse! Even though it's not pictured, Bec got me a beautiful apron with peonies on it, as well as a copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.

Bec created a game called "What the French?!" for us to play as pre-dinner entertainment. She made up little card with questions about me and the answer either had the word French or France in it or it was French-related. Like "If Hope and Adam don't use sunscreen in Mexico, they will be ____." Answer: French Fries

The boys had the Confit de Lapin.

I had the bronzini fish special - a delicately mild Mediterranean sea bass- with a corn and potatoes. Absolutely heavenly! Our server did a great job of filleting this little guy for me too!

Rebecca had the agneau roti.

Wine, bread and a moustache.

Here is a delicious little chocolate molten cake with a scoop of ice cream and a candle.

Thank you to my great friends for a WONDERFUL birthday celebration! This 25th year is starting out perfectly!


  1. The pleasure was all mine. You deserve that and so much more because you're the BEST FRIEND EVER!!

    Happy early birthday! :)

  2. Wow, what a birthday (early)! Your friends are very thoughtful and creative. What a great story.

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