Friday, July 2, 2010

The Soup Spot, Harrisburg, PA

I wanted to do a quick post about one of my favorite lunch places in Harrisburg. I don't eat here as much as I'd like but that was before I found out they delivered, very quickly at that, so I'll be calling to The Soup Spot more often. The Soup Spot is unique in that it makes a wide variety of homemade soups everyday! They usually have 1 premium soup and 4 or 5 homestyle soups. They post their soups on their website daily.

I've had quite a few soups - all amazingly flavorful - but remember that I loved their baked potato soup. This last time I had an incredible treat - chocolate soup served cold. It was rich and creamy like a pudding but the chocolate taste was so deep and intense - a very high quality soup. I loved it!

I also enjoy their salads and sandwiches. Their champagne vinaigrette is very good on their fresh greens. The Rajin Cajun - chicken, pepper jack cheese and cajun mayo on a ciabatta roll - and the Smoked Turkey and Bacon with smoked cheddar on a pretzel roll are my favorite sandwiches so far. The sandwiches are huge and full of fresh ingredients.

Here is the turkey and bacon sandwich:

Here is a small chicken corn soup and the Rajin Cajun:

The prices are average - I usually get a small homestyle soup which is $2.95.
Everyone who works at The Soup Spot are very friendly. And remember it's take out only. Check them out soon at 912 N. 3rd Street (or call for delivery). You won't regret it!


  1. Those look great! Maybe we'll go there next time I pop in for lunch! :)

  2. 1) Everytime I check out your website, I get hungry...not fair!!
    2) The soup place sounds delicious! Have you ever heard of/been to a place called Zoups?? They have 12 varieties of soup!!!
    3) i LOVE the new layout!!

  3. Wow! Everything looks delish. But chocolate soup? Now that sounds especially amazing.