Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Billy D's Ice Cream Shoppe and Bakery

Greg and I have been watching for the opening of a new ice cream shoppe/bakery on Linglestown Road. After much anticipation and curiosity, Billy D's opened their doors about a month ago and we've visited a few times. They carry several flavors of Hershey's ice cream and feature lots of sundae combinations and a long list of toppings. We have yet to try ice cream there because Greg and I made a deal that we have to finish our Easter candy before we can go out for ice cream... I'm working on that candy as I type!

Their bakery goods are fresh and delicious. I recently tried the Maine Blueberry Pie and it was scrumptuous! They sell their pies whole or by the slice. There are freshly brewed coffee in at least 6 flavors as well as hot teas. You fix your own coffee or tea; kind of gas station style, but it's ok and the coffee is good. They have a frequent drinkers club so when you buy 9 hot beverages you get the 10th free. They have a nice system because you don't need a card - you just give the cashier your name and they keep track in on their register system. Greg and I are having a race to see who got their 10th cup free but he tends to cheat... like when we went on Saturday and each got a coffee... he put both the coffees under his name even though I paid! It's ok though. I'll get him back...

When Greg and I went for breakfast on Saturday we each tried their Breakfast Ciabatta Sandwich - bacon or sausage, egg and cheese with a roasted red pepper pesto (well they call it a pesto but it's more like a red pepper mayo). The ciabatta was very good but the eggs were, I'm guessing, nuked in the microwave, and I'd prefer them cooked on a griddle. However, the sandwich wasn't bad because of the bacon, cheese and ciabatta!! We got the 'pesto' on the side to test it first.

We also shared an iced cinnamon roll, which was fresh a not overly large, like lots of cinnamon rolls tend to be. Greg asked for it to be warmed, which was a great call.

Billy D's also serves salads and sandwiches.

I think I'll stick to the coffee, ice cream and baked goods here (there are cute cupcakes I want to try!).

Here is a link to Billy D's Facebook page where you can find some pictures of the restaurant and their bakery items.

I'm going to start going more often in the morning so I can beat Greg to that 10th cup of joe!

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  1. As soon as I saw the words ice cream and bakery I knew I'd like whatever you were writing about in this post! I love your details and descriptions... great review! :)