Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FlavorFest Photos

Today I wrote a post about the FlavorFest for the Savvy Grouse. Until it's posted here are a few photos from Sunday at the Fest on the grounds of the PA Renaissance Faire.
Once we bought our tickets, we entered into this area with the beautiful fountain. Next we walked through the gate, got our glasses and began an afternoon of wine, beer and food sampling.

We were so busy tasting wines, eating pretzel sandwiches from TJ Rockwell's and petting a baby goat, we forgot to take photos of the vendors so you could see what the atmosphere was really like. Slightly buzzed, we finally remembered to get the camera out once we were sitting and listening to jazz music. Here, Greg just can't get enough from one glass so he stole mine.

Thank you, Bec, for talking me into buying this hat. To Greg's confusion and slight disapproval, I wore it all weekend.

Our retired glasses.

A shot of the Mount Hope estate on our way out.

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  1. What do boys know about fashion? I love your hat and I bet your face, eyes and scalp are thankful for the protection!

    I love the picture of Mount Hope... maybe they'll let you live there since it's your name and all. What do you think?