Thursday, May 14, 2009


Those of you who know me know I love to think of creative baby names, and while my brother and I were making this dessert on Mothers Day, I asked him if he likes Tiramisu for a little girl. He said, "yes, you can call her Su"! Haha... I love it when people play along with me to keep me happy and entertained.

So on to this delicious dessert... I have made this countless times for special occasions, church events (yes, I think I was criticized for taking a booze-laden dessert to church) and just for a special treat.

At my brother's request, we made it last Sunday. It comes from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook that a few friends bought for me while I was in college. It's a great book that I've found tons of yummy recipes in.

1/3 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons instant coffee crystals
2 Tablespoons rum
2 8-oz. cartons mascarpone cheese or two 8-oz. packages cream cheese, softened (I usually do one of each to save money. If it's for a special occasion, I make sure I spring for the 2 cartons of mascarpone)
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 ounces semisweet chocolate, grated
1 cup whipping cream
2 Tablespoons Kahlua
1/2 semisweet chocolate, grated

Prepare Hot Milk Sponge Cake as directed, except grease and flour the baking pan. Cool for 10 minutes in pan; remove cake from pan. Cool cake completely on wire rack.

Chill a medium mixing bowl and the beaters of an electric mixer (I put them in the freezer for 15 minutes).

Meanwhile, for syrup, in a small saucepan combine granulated sugar, coffee granuales, and 1/3 cup water. Cook over medium heat until boiling. Boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat; stir in rum. Cool completely.
For filling, in a medium bowl stir together the mascarpone, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Stir in the 2 ounces grated chocolate.

To assemble, evenly cut cake in half. Place a cake layer on a cake plate. Brush layer wit half of the syrup and spread with half of the filling. Add the second cake layer; top with remaining syrup and filling.
In the chilled mixing bowl combine whipping cream and liquor. Beat with the chilled beaters on medium speed until soft peaks form. Spread whipped cream over top and side of cake; sprinkle with the 1/2 ounce grated chocolate. Cover and chill at least 4 hours before serving.

I forgot to add chocolate to this cake... oopsie! Still good though!

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  1. I've had this and can attest to its deliciousness. I think Tiramisu would be a lovely name... perhaps Kahlua would be a nice middle name? You could call her Sulua!