Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Update - Testing our Green Thumbs

Our little seedlings were 3 weeks old yesterday. The squash plants have really taken off. I was getting nervous that the basil wouldn't sprout but it did about 10 days after the other vegetables and is now doing well.
We will probably plant at least the squash plants this week.
I have also planted strawberry plants in a hanging bag that I will hang at Greg's house after they take root in the bag. There are 10 plants but I think the unexpected frost got a few right after we planted them (the week after Easter) but just yesterday I saw at least 2 plants are growing well.

There are 4 rows of Roma tomatoes on the right, then the bell peppers, then the cucumbers, then the towering squash plants and finally the 2 rows of basil on the left.

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