Thursday, April 30, 2009

Delicious Salsa From Pennsylvania?!?!

Yes, it's true! I've found some all-natural, tasty, PA-Preferred salsa! While Greg was at the Broad Street Market last week, he picked up a jar of Torchbearer Black Bean Mild Salsa. Boy oh boy, this was flavorful and addictive... even with just a few ingredients (see photo of label below)! We ate it with chips but I also put some on tacos.
After looking around Torchbearer's very cool website, I found out that 3 guys from Mechanicsburg began experimenting with hot sauces because of their large pepper crop and as time passed, they established a sauce- and salsa-making franchise. The salsa we tried contains the #4 Tingly Sauce, which I really enjoy... just the right amount of hotness.
Torchbearer products can be found at the 2 Whole Foods locations in PA, at the PA Farm Show in January and apparently every now and then, at the Broad Street Market. You can also purchase products from their website.
There are even some recipes on the website. I think I want to try these burgers topped with a slice of cheddar... I'll have to get some Super Fancy Sultry Sauce though.
So if you're ever out and about and come across a Torchbearer product, try it out! Even though I've only had one of their several products, I have a strong feeling they're all quite yum!
You can see how much the two of us ate in one evening!

Thanks, Greg, for picking up this great treat!

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