Monday, April 27, 2009

German Potato Salad

On Saturday I drove to Maryland to visit Susi again. Her co-workers were throwing her a baby shower, followed by a picnic on the Potomac (a post of the party is on the way!). Susi made potato salad for the picnic and she taught me her secret German recipe. Of course she didn't measure and I couldn't tell how much of each ingredient she was using as she poured so I will just give you the ingredients and you can be the judge of how much of each to add. I am planning on making this soon and then I can update with some measurements. I can just tell you to start with small amount and increase to taste.

To a large bowl add:
1 small chopped onion
a few chopped bread and butter pickle spears

Peel and cut up potatoes and boil until done. Drain.

Add potatoes to bowl, along with:
vegetable oil
white vinegar
Tello Fix (see below)
Fresh dill & parsley

This is Tello Fix. It is a dried soup mix that is completely animal by-product free. It is made of herbs and give the salad a flavorful taste and smell. And there is salt in here so no need to add more. Susi hasn't been able to find an American equivalent. I am on the hunt, at least to find Tello Fix at a Euro grocer.

The finished product! This was so good! I had two serving and am wanting more now. The pickles give a great, unexpected sweetness. And I am not a fan of mayo-based potato salad so the oil and vinegar combo is right up my taste buds' alley!

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