Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Melting Pot

On Monday we celebrated Adam's 21st birthday at the Melting Pot. A fondue restaurant that has been open for less than a year in Harrisburg, the Melting Pot offered us a great meal and wonderful service! This is the perfect place to go for a special occasion but make sure you're super hungry and have lots of time - you don't want to rush the experience. We had the Big Night Out - a four course meal of cheese fondue, salad, main course of meats and veggies and chocolate fondue dessert. Adam had his first drink - a blackberry margarita - and was proud to be carded!

We had a nice corner table with two burners so to start the evening, we had the Quattro Fromaggio cheese blend and the Wisconsin Trio (fontina, butterkase & bleu). The waiter brought all of the ingredients and mixed the rich and creamy concoction right in front of us - white wine, cheese, herbs.. yum! We ate the cheese with bread, apples and veggies.

I don't have photos of the salad course but we had casear salads, caprese salads and a California salad. All very good!

Here is the birthday boy with his sisters. We got the special occasion package which included the Melting Pot champagne flute filled with truffles, along with the 3 balloons and a framed group photo.

Next came the main course. Here we had shrimp, two different beefs, pork and chicken with mushroom sachettes.
We got to again choose two different cooking styles - we chose the classic court bouillon and the Mojo style, which has a Caribbean flair of garlic and citrus.
There were several different dipping sauces - curry & teriyaki were my favorites - and seasoning for the meat and veggies.
The meat and vegetables were seasoned ahead of time and then mixed with the cooking style, everything came out very flavorful! I was pleasantly surprised!
We also got a bowl of vegetables which we just put in the bouillon for a few minutes and scooped them out with the 'search and rescue' spoon.

Out came dessert, including a slice of cheesecake with a candle in it for Adam. For dipping in the chocolate, we got marshmallows, pound cake, brownies, cheesecake, crispy cereal treats, strawberries and bananas.

We chose the yin & yang - a blend of milk and white chocolates, and the tiramisu - milk chocolate, cream, kahlua and lady finger bites. Decadent!

I highly recommend experiencing The Melting Pot, whether it's for a special occasion like it was for us or just for dessert and wine. The ambiance of the restaurant is very charming with low lighting and privacy - we couldn't see any other diners from our table.
This dinner was a great way for Adam to start his birthday celebration. How the rest of the night went, well... we celebrated his 21st year with all the expected bells and whistles! I'm happy to report he has fully recovered and ready to dive into his senior year of college!

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  1. I've been wanting to go to the Melting Pot for some time - I'm very jealous! Everything looks delicious... including the 3 of you! :)