Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacay Report Four

I'm wrapping up my vacation reports here with two different eating establishments. It's hard to relive last week because it's just makes me want to be back in the Sunshine State!

The Broken Egg is a popular breakfast destination in Siesta Key. My favorite breakfast treat here is Uncle Jerry's Pancake - a huge pancake with blueberries, banana slices and wheat germ. I eat mine up with tons of butter and it's such a sweet and satisfying breakfast - one I keep telling myself I need to attempt to recreate at home. The other popular breakfast is The Sampler: eggs, hashbrowns and bacon served on a huge pancake!

The Broken Egg is a favorite of sports announcer Dick Vitale and you'll often hear him speak of the Broken Egg or be seen at the restaurant enjoying a meal and sometimes penning away his autograph to fans (his books are sold at the restaurant). While I have eaten at the Broken Egg maybe four times in my life, I've yet to meet him there.

The Sampler

Uncle Jerry's Pancake

Turtle Beach Pub is a laid back little place serving up lots of favorite local fare. Here I was introduced to a catfish-like fish called swai (pronounced sch-wa-hee). It's a white, mild fish that flaked right apart. It was excellent simply grilled with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Since I had gone to Turtle Beach right after the Daiquiri Deck, I was craving some extra carbs and decided to have my swai in sandwich form.


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