Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacay Report One

In case you were all concerned about me down here in paradise, I am having a blast! Relaxing on the beach, by the pool, taking long naps, sipping margaritas, going shopping... all and all not too bad. We've been ordering in and making some meals at the condo so I don't have a blog-worthy dinner venue to tell you about quite yet. We had a great breakfast after a long beach walk at a cute restaurant (name is escaping me at the time) where I indulged in banana fosters pancakes and cheese blintze with blueberries!

Since watching Julie & Julia, I've been on a Julia Child kick. I have purchased Child's memoir, My Like in France and began reading it on the beach. As you can see, and this has been a pattern on the trip no matter what I'm reading, I fall fast asleep after just a few pages! This sunbathing is tough work! I'll have a full report on the book hopefully sooner than later.

At about 4:00 today we're headed out to the Daiquiri Deck where lots of deliciously alcoholic slushy drinks will be consumed. I'll report back with my favorite drinks and photos!

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  1. love the suit! can't wait to hear more about your reads and eats! :)